The Acting Business (TAB) is primarily an e-magazine by and for everyone in the Indian entertainment fraternity.

Our mission is simple: Contribute to the Indian entertainment fraternity to inform, educate and consult on the business.

We don't run on a cyclical format because the industry is too fast-moving to need a standard frequency publication. We are open to hearing your voice and putting it out there, any day, all day.

Together, we create honest content and services including TAB E-Magazine (Learning from exclusive personal insight, analysis and opinions of professionals who are in the industry), TAB Education (Systematic learning), TAB Consultation (a niche to support individual professionals and businesses with their small to big endeavours), and TAB Fraternity (a safe space for professionals to find the discipline and mental health support)

The content by our writer submissions is not legally endorsed by The Acting Business. However, it is moderated by us to ensure it meets the platform's basic writing standard and, if published, the writers are paid. This creates an additional income stream for all you creative professionals.

We also have some in-house feature content where we attempt to cover pieces of the puzzle that we feel the current submissions do not cover.

We are not preachers. We don't know it all. And nor do we believe in unsolicited advice or teaching any of our readers how to do or be anything. But what we are is able to hold space for each one to share their perceptions and we hope that in that lies the lessons that our readers can selectively take and empower their version of their reality of being part of the dreamland, the business, The Acting Business.